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book.gif (7796 bytes) Of course, there is always THE BOOK - all 785 pages of it,  representing many very late nights for the authors - Desmond D'Souza and Alan Wills. Somewhat intimidating in size, it addresses difficult modeling issues in more depth than many others. You can browse the entire book online, or get the book itself at

But wait! There are easier ways to get introduced...

If you are looking for a self-study guide to Catalysis, try this guide.
Here is a short presentation which covers highlights of the method. It is a powerpoint file, courtesy of Platinum Technology. It should be reasonably self-explanatory when played back with animations in slide-show mode, while reading the accompanying audience notes.
Here is a medium-length presentation that covers most interesting modeling concepts of Catalysis at a technical level, courtesy of Platinum Technology; available in both powerpoint and PDF it has fairly detailed audience notes to go along.

Here is a collection of papers and presentations that you may find useful.

At the ICON Computing web site (now defunct) and the web site for Trireme you will find:

white papers and articles
parts of the published book or its drafts
case studies

Let us know if there are other Catalysis-related publications you are aware of that should be accessible from here..

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